100units C5H trucks finished for Post Office

DATE: 2020-10-19       SOURCE: SINOTRUK

On October 17,2017, 100 brand new Sitrak C5H postal vehicles successfully got off the assembly line of sinotruk Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd . The postal green on the parking place added a beautiful view at this golden autumn . 

All the vehicles used MC07 Engine Beijing 52 emission standard to match the car transport requirement in postal area . C5H series, as Sitrak brand Number 5 platform high quality series model has rapidly entered the high-end market such as postal service, crisis and express delivery since it was selling in the market and has got a good reputation from the end users . 

 To match the special requirement of the postal service , sinotruk has been communicated with the China Post and also talked with the reproducing factory in detail and communicated many times to match the requirement from China post company

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